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Weapon Manual Header.jpg Adapted and updated from the original Wulin Forum article[1]

Bai Xiao's Weapon Manuals Overview

By completing Exploring the World at Large challenges each week players may acquire (among other things) these Weapon Manuals by completing the achievements within that event, defeating the "Wanted" bosses, or exchanging them with the points accumulated from completing Solo Challenges. More recently the option was added to each sect and factions Spy store NPC to buy for sect/faction Honor certificates a mystery box that can contain one or more of a random type of Bai Xiao's Weapon Manual.

These items once you have acquired some can be read and applied to a weapon type of your choice. Once you acquire a certain amount of manuals applied to that weapon type you gain a permanent increase in damage with all skills that use that type of weapon!

Obtaining at least a few levels of increase in this manner is Highly recommended for character growth.

Obtaining Weapon Manuals

Base Weapon Manual.jpg
See Exploring the World at Large for full details of that event. This section covers only what you do with manuals when they are earned.
  • Select the yellow flag icon accessible from either your Battle menu or (if you have the "more" option enabled) at the bottom right of your screen to open the exploring the world interface. Complete at least one qualifying challenge and you will receive a reward box via system mail that will contain one or more Bai Xiao's Weapon Manuals.
  • Once you have accumulated a pool of challenge points in that event you will have the option to buy added manuals with those points.
  • Upon completing certain stages of the Exploring the World at Large event you will become eligible for a few more manuals. These are not automatically granted. Use that events interface to claim them by clicking on any Highlighted button marked "Take"
  • At the start of certain Challenges you may be given the option to purchase an added manual by spending Unbound silver to set the boss into "aggressive" status - basically that boss will become a bit harder to fight but you will be guaranteed one extra manual of the appropriate level if you beat them. This method does not seem to be very cost effective, to this author but your mileage may vary.
  • Each Sect or Factions Spy Store NPC now has the option to buy a case of Weapon Manuals for around 10 Certificates. This will contain a random Manual worth 1, 2 or 5 increase points.

Completing Higher tier challenges rewards you with manuals that grant more than one single point of increase. Tier two factions grant "Advanced" manuals worth 2 points each. Third tier yields "Superior" manuals giving 5 point increases. Fourth tier challenges give 2 5 point manuals. Note, activating "Valour Mode" (see Exploring the World at Large for details) will double the amount of manuals received.

Using Weapon Manuals

Character sheet Manuals Tab.jpg
Access the Weapon Manual interface from the "Sword Icon" Tab your Character Attributes window. You'll see the ten possible weapons that can have their damage increased by activating Weapon Manuals.

Each weapon has two bits of information to track your weapon's progress: Damage increase - Shows your passive damage bonus when using that type of weapon. Progress - Shows how many Weapon Manuals you have activated and how many need to be activated, in order to increase your weapon's damage to the next level.

Apply Manual.jpg
To apply a manual simply open your backpack and right click to use it. A popup will then appear asking you to chose which weapon type to apply its benefits to.
Level Manuals Needed Damage Bonus
1 1 5
2 +2 8
3 +4 11
4 +8 17
5 +16 26
6 +32 38
7 +64 58
8 +128 86
9 +256 130
10 +512 194
Past Breakthrough Limit
11 +600 244
12 +700 295
13 +800 347
14 +900 400
15 +1000 454

So to acquire the full 194 damage bonus you will need to have farmed 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512 = 1023 Manuals total....!

But wait there is more! Once 512 has been reached the game displays a notice "Breakthrough limit" For the application of 2 Million Cultivation points you can progress even further in damage increase. This author has observed Guildies with Damage increases in excess of 240 points.. By the time anyone get to this point however I am sure they have got the idea how to use them and how they want to maximise their Character build. Maximum reported increase is +454 damage for using 1000 manuals past the breakthrough point, see image to the right.

Max Manuals.jpg
  • When you mousover a weapon skill that has manuals applied to that weapon type Manual damage is displayed in Magenta.
  • Manual damage is applied applied per skill used, not per hit; Exception their is currently a bug (or maybe an bizzarre feature) that allows damage from manuals to apply per hit with Nine Palace Sword Technique, Snow sword and the Vagrant rage skills, on those it adds damage to every hit
  • Manual damage ignores external and internal defences. [2]
  • It is not affected by equipment, style, inner or element damage buffs.
  • It can be multiplied by some skills of the Vagrants styles such as Basic Kung Fu and Tempest blade.