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This wiki needs to reach a respectable state of usability for some other game-enhancing projects to take off. Therefore, there's a certain amount of stuff we want to get done by the end of 2015 - these subjects are listed below. You can work on anything that pleases you, but this is the stuff we really, really need.

To help avoid situations where two editors wind up working on the same thing and constantly have to revisit pages they've already finished to make them match the other editor's formatting or phrasing, it's recommended that if you want to work on something specific, you edit this page and slap your signature next to the project you want to work on. Then other editors know someone is on that topic and can aim for something that's not taken.

If you can only do part of a project - for example, you don't have any characters without VIP so you can't write anything about that - that's fine. When you're done, just make a note here that you've finished what you can on it and note what you think still needs to be done.

Now for the material we're looking to complete by December:

Category:Missing Data

This should be a regular stop for everyone editing this wiki. Pages in this section are missing small, specific items of information that are not openly accessible in game.

Examples include the stats for a specific level of a skill, the details on the tooltip of an item, material requirements for a life skill recipe.

Open the category page and take a look at the pages listed. Are any of them about something you have on your character? If so, open the Talk page for that page and take a look at the list of what's missing, then check your character in-game and see if you can fill them in. If you can, edit them into the page and delete whatever you've completed from the Missing Data list on the Talk page. If you've completed everything, delete the Missing Data category from the page itself and delete the list completely from the Talk page.

For an example, see Talk:Five_Talismans_Classic.


While hints and tips can and should be placed on the pages for the subject they apply to, Guides are a thorough examination and explanation of a specific subject area. Use lots of screenshots, go step-by-step and try not to assume any previous knowledge on the part of the reader.

It's fine to directly address the reader in a guide, by the way. ("You will find that..." etc)


  • Copy guides over to the wiki from the forums. Remember to credit the author and include a link back to the source!
  • Write the guide Understanding Your Character - explain where a character's stats come from (inner, meridians, gear, buffs) and what they mean (internal force, melee power and ranged attack power and how they relate to the red, green and blue writing on skills), how to get the stats you want and what stats you should want for what (internal and external skills etc). Dip into alignment, identities and strength levels. Link to other pages on the wiki as applicable.
  • Write the guide Combat Basics - explain stuff like parry, attack and parry breaks - mention all the alternate terms for this stuff as well, like empty move, real move, etc. Explain rages, charges and normal attacks, combos, switching sets - when and why to do it and what happens when you do - setting up your toolbars and so forth - everything a newbie might need to know about smacking someone around.
  • Write the guide Levelling Up - explain experience, how it's converted to cultivation, how cultivation is converted into cultivation in a specific skill. In particular, it needs to have a pretty comprehensive list of everything that can be done to level up an inner or martial skill specified by whether it's accessible to VIP's or non-VIP's, sect members or sectless. Include sources of pills for experience, cultivation and cultivation conversion, the works.

Category:Life Skills

Pick one of the pages below and go to town.

  • The listed pages are "profession" pages ("Miner", "Hunter" etc) - many of these have been imported from the old wiki. They need to be checked and improved as much as possible. Try to split out any information worth keeping into profession-related and skill-related, as below.
  • A profession page should include information on the life skill's identities, daily quests, things like the profession's gem game skills, the rankings and possible rewards, screenshots of the outfits etc.
  • Each profession page needs an accompanying page for the skill(s) that profession performs. This page should act as a detailed, screenshot-illustrated, thorough guide to the activity. So for a miner, the skill pages would be "Mining" (which would explain down to the last click how to mine, how many times you can click on a mine, where to mine what, what you get from mining, the tools used etc) and "Smelting" (which would again be a step-by-step illustrated guide to smelting ore into ingots).
  • Each profession tends to have some manuals associated with it. They need item pages. Note that these should be about the manual itself, not how to create whatever the manual, once learned, can make. Things to include: the stuff on the tooltip for the item, where the manual can be bought, which skill at what level is needed and a link to the item page for the thing it makes.
  • Each profession tends to either make or use some materials. We need to document these as widely as possible, including a section on what they are used to make.
  • The products of a profession also need to be documented (For example, the dishes a Cook may make by Cooking. This should include which manual makes the product (They don't always have the same name in-game, just to be annoying), which materials are used, any costs or skill requirements or sect/faction memberships required as well as the standard tooltip info, and tips on how they should be used, or what they can be used for.

Miner Hunter Farmer Woodcutter Fisherman

Tailor Cook Poison Master Craftsman Herbalist Blacksmith

Musician Chess Player Scholar Painter

Beggar Diviner

  • Eradicate the term "Divinator" from the wiki. Someone who practices "divination" is called a "diviner". "Divinator" isn't a real word. BURN IT WITH FIRE.


Using Category:Heaven-Erasing_Stab as a template, document... every skill set in the game. Check Category:Routines to see if it's already been done and if not, press K to open your knowledge book and start writing.

Category:Inner Skills

  • Document all third inners in a similar manner to the second and first inners that have already been done --Geumja (talk) 05:38, 18 October 2015 (UTC) I've been working on inners a lot so I'd quite like to finish
  • Document all fourth inners in a similar manner to the second and first inners that have already been done --Geumja (talk) 05:38, 18 October 2015 (UTC)
  • Document all fifth inners in a similar manner to the second and first inners that have already been done --Geumja (talk) 05:38, 18 October 2015 (UTC)