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Team practice is an exercise which increases the cultivation of a skill by a certain amount. It can be done until one reaches 100% Fatigue. Fatigue resets at midnight.

How to start/join a team practice

  • Start: open the Cultivation window, choose one of Team Practice types and open it.
  • Join: when someone nearby opens a team practice, messages about that automatically start to be posted to Nearby chat along with [Join Team practice] link. Also, it is possible to join team practice through character's avatar menu.


There is one main point, where nearly the whole server does it, this point changed over the last time. At the moment it is held in Chengdu (999, 999).
Also most Sects do their own Team Practices in their Sects.
Same applies to Guilds.

Amount of Cultivation

The Amount of Cultivation varies due certain circumstances.
Basic Amount is 100k a day, but if one doesn't do a team practice at one day, some percentage will be added so it is possible to get up to 180k a day.
Another possibility is an event, where everyone can get 125k a day at a certain time.

Forms of Team Practice

There are different forms of Team Practices.
They exist in 10, 15, 20 and 25 round options.
Each of them results in a different amount of points.
There is also a kind of Meridian practice.
Another kind is only limited to Peach Blossom disciples.

What to do?

Depending on the kind of Team Practice one has multiple amounts of rounds.
One has to press keys in the right order, which will contain the arrow keys and the keys J and K.


Not entering the right key combinations ultimately results into failure, which leads into break of a combo.
Most of the time the team practice will be stopped and redone.
There is a counter for each player that shows how often he failed or left the team practice.