Shulhyril's Intermediate Intelligence Report Farming

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Notes Original page here [1] All credit to NssBoB/Shulhyril for the original work.

Hello everyone! Are you tearing you hair from trying to grind out those elusive intels? Do you want to throw up when you look at the market price? Well despair no longer as i am here to help you get them in fairly fast fashion without spending your lifetime savings!

Step 1: Go to the herald of your preffered faction and talk to him. notice he have one extra chat option.


Step2: Buy the bloodstone buddha for 30unbound taels


Step 3: Locate the boss in current faction, target him from distance and use the item you just bought. (WARNING: DO IT BEFORE YOU PULL THE BOSS!!!). The item will lure Sikong Zhaixing which will aggro the faction boss. let them duke it out in between each other for a bit (WARNING: ONLY BOSSES IN HIGHEST FACTIONS ARE ABLE TO TAKE HIM OUT JUST BY THEMSELVES!). conviniently attack him after a bit and together with faction boss take him down! use only single target attacks so you dont aggro both at same time and sign your death warrant. also if you are not strong character make sure you dont overaggro... he hurts... a lot... even in my 14khp...


Step 4: After hes finished loot him asap and enjoy random number of intermediate intels! (1-3)


After you are done you can repeat the process but be warned! each time you summon and kill him you get stack of debuff that lowers your chance of him actually coming after you use the items. so if you want best money/reward ratio use the item only once before each debuff runs out! if you feel funky and lucky go ahead and spam them your chance to actually call him will not drop below 50%.


Hope you enjoyed this little guide and enjoy your lvl 8 skills! <3 Shulhyril