Sect Patrol

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Event Requirements

Permanent Event
1. Players leaving the novice protection stage can enter the Jianghu mode (pvp mode).
2. Select from the target sect scenes.
3. Leaving your own sect area or joining two Jianghu fights at the same time is not allowed.

Event Guideline

1. After starting to patrol, you receive one patrol skill. It can be given to players from other sects.
2. Vulnerability may increase by adding the patrol skill to a spy. When it exceeds 80, the spy's identity is revealed.
3. After defeating spies, you can seize their intelligence.
4. When you learn intelligence, return to the sect intelligence chief for rewards.

How to fail
Accidental death; lose patrol token; patrol fails.

How to win
Successfully take 1 to 20 intelligence pieces.


Icon Name Range CD* Target Description Vul**
Patrol Skill Spy Identification.png Spy Identification 10.0 Metres 60.0 Sec Online Player Observe with Sharp Eyes: carefully observe the enemy. You can identify the disguised spy. 30
Patrol Skill See through the Truth.png See through the Truth 10.0 Metres 180.0 Sec Online Player You see the enemy's condition clearly, and can identify spies. (Using this skill will consume an Intelligence Book, which can be bought with government silver from any Elite Patrol Disciple.) 80

*Cooldown **Vulnerability increase when succeed

Event Rewards

  1. Sect Honour Certificates (fixed, irrelevant to the amount of intelligence)
  2. Experience (determined according to the amount of intelligence)
  3. Experience Medicine (determined according to the amount of intelligence)

Notes & Tips

  • Many schools special missions require you to catch a spy, so make sure you become familiar with spotting players not of your sect.
  • Also look for the "Crossed sword" icon appearing on the right side of your screen while in patrol mode. This may allow you to go immediately to an exposed spy.
  • Pay close attention to the strength level indicator of targeted players! Attacking a spy many times your power is futile!
  • While under the school patrol "buff" your experience conversion speed is increased by 10%