Sect Book Seizing

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Event Requirements

1. A sect player whose strength exceeds the primary levels of martial arts.
2. A player who is assigned to the book snatching sect.
3. During the book stealing period, all books aren't stolen.
4. Two Jianghu events cannot be attended at the same time.

Event Guideline

1. After joining in book stealing, a player is randomly moved to the book theft gathering spot for the target sect.
2. The player stealing books can take them from the target sect's bookshelf. or they can find an offline book delivery disciple. Right-click the disciple's head and select "Steal the books".
3. The player stealing books can kill a player protecting them. Steal books by defeating the player with a bookcase on his back, who's protecting them.
4. Bookcases disappear after an accidental death and the book theft fails. 5. After getting a bookcase full of books, get rewards from the sect library guardian.

How to fail
The book snatching fails if the event time finishes or the player is attacked and killed after capturing the book.

How to win
Capture books and give them to the sect's library guardian.

Detailed Event Guide

Book Seizing (popularly called SS) starts at 18:55 and ends at 19:30 server time on every day except Sunday. It is encouraged players join their respective guild's raids for assistance during this event, since PvP and PK are common.

Once the event opens, players can join it though the Jianghu (N key) interface, under Sect/Faction and Sect Book Seizing Event. Two sects will be targets each event, and it is recommended to go to the one which will earn you the most profit (top three being Wudang, Blissful Valley and Scholars).

After you have been teleported into the event zone and the bookshelves have spawned, you need to obtain a book either through the aforementioned bookshelves or from one of the Book Carrying Disciples walking around the Sect area. With the book on your back, you have to make your way out of the zone to a neighbouring one. It is recommended you head for the Official Stagecoach of that area and take a cart to another zone. Zone exits are usually camped by players, so taking a cart offers you PvP protection and safe exit.

Once you are out of the sect zone, you need to get back to your own sect, either through teleport or breaking meridians (in case your respawn is set to there), and turn in the book at the Book Seizing NPC.

You may participate in this event as many times as you want to until it ends at 19:30. Players usually manage to do three or more runs in this time frame.

Event Rewards

  1. Sect Honour Certificate (fixed)
  2. Experience (determined by self strength)
  3. Random reward