Sect Book Protection

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Scriptprotectionicon.jpg Tired of watching those Jianghu rivals making off with the secrets of your beloved sect?! here how to stop them!

Event Requirements

1. A sect player whose strength exceeds the Novice level.
2. A player who is assigned to the script protection sect.
3. Be within the period of the book snatching event and the books have not been snatched completely.
4. Two Jianghu events cannot be attended at the same time.

Event Guideline

1. When protecting books, a player can attack other sect players coming to steal them without normal PK penalties if they are carrying Sect Books.
2. A bookcase dropped by a player may be collected if a player, who steals the book and carries the bookcase on his back is defeated.
3. Accidental death; the collected bookcase disappears.
4. After successfully getting a full bookcase, get rewards from the sect library guardian.

How to fail
When the event time ends, script protection ends. Naturally if you are killed you'll need to re acquire the Sect Protection mission again.

How to win
Recapture and return books to the sect library guardian. At the event starting time, book shelves and book carrying disciples will spawn throughout the sect. You can either get a book by using the shelf or by right clicking a book carrying disciple's portrait and choosing steal book. Once the book is on your bag, you have to head towards the zone exit and escape. It is recommended to run to the stagecoach and take a trip to the neighbouring zone, since you will be protected against PK while riding in the cart. Once you are outside of the sect zone, you have to teleport to your own sect or faction either via standard teleport or breaking meridians (if your sect is set as a respawn point) and take the book to the script steal NPC to obtain your reward.

Event Rewards

1. Sect Honour Certificate (fixed).
2. Experience (determined by self strength).
3. Move page (rewarded randomly).