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A scholar (also noted in game as "Calligrapher") is good at literature, capable of understanding the main points of martial arts, can copy martial arts scripts and annotate inner skill books for martial artists to read. This saves the cultivation required for cultivating a move.

Scholar is a Cultural Life Skill, that allows the players to:

  • create experience scrolls for other Life Skills,
  • annotate books to reduce the amount of points required to cultivate Inner Skills,
  • when equipped, give one random stat to the ...
  • Certain Calligraphy scripts are required quest items for school (Most often Scholars Academy) upper level combat skill pages.

Full list of identities can be found here.

Players learn this profession by purchasing it from a Scholar Life Skill Master NPC. Upon learning the skill, a player will receive the title Superficial Knowledge and can perform the Scholar's Daily Task. To use this life skill, players must have a calligraphy brush and writing materials (purchasable from Life Master NPC) in their backpack.

To write a script a player is required to enter a simple mini game. This can take between 20 seconds and 2 minutes to complete one script. Failure does not use up materials but will deduct durability from the Calligraphers brush. Each such mini game typically uses 3 Physical strength.

Tip: Multiple Low level scripts can generate more and better experience that a single upper level script; however more Physical strength will be expended in so doing.

Daily Tasks

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