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Qi (also called Chi) are the required points to cultivate a Meridian (Qi acts as the 'Experience').

There is a daily cap ('Maximum Qi Today') for the amount of Qi a player gets, which depends on his/her internal skill level. The higher level it is, the more Qi a player can hold daily. After reaching the cap, players can no longer gain Qi for that day. If a player doesn't manage to reach the daily cap, the leftover Qi cap will be accumulated and shown as the 'Maximum Accumulated Qi'.

Players under VIP status gain about 5 times more Qi than non-VIP players.

The ways to gain Qi are somewhat similar to gaining Experience, and are:

  • all activities that give Experience gives Qi as well (if the Experience is at the cap of 999, the player will not gain any Qi from these activities)
  • learning Life Skills and performing Life Skills activities, turning in Life skill daily missions, reading Life skill books/Letters also gives Qi
  • dealing damage to players and mobs with combat skills; the amount of Qi gained is related to damage dealt, the target the player is hitting and the type of skill in use (single-target locking skills tend to give more Qi than AOE non-targeting skills). The Qi gained from exterminating enemies is minimal.
  • driving escorts
  • Multiple Qi Pills - pills range from 10.000 to 100.000 Qi per use, but cannot surpass 'Maximum Qi Today' value.