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The Ming Dynasty territories have abundant minerals. The miners work hard outdoors day after day. The minerals collected are used to make superior weapons and dedicated items.

Miner is a gathering Life Skill, that allows the players to:

Full list of identities can be found here.

Learning Mining

Players can learn this profession by purchasing it from a Miner Life Skill Master NPC. The price will depend on what other life skills have previously been learnt. Note that learning Mining does not stop players from learning other gathering professions (players can learn all gathering professions simultaneously).

Miner Life Skill Masters can be found in any town or city. To make them appear on the map, players can open their map (M), click "Life Master" at the bottom and click Map Icon Master Miner.pngMiner.

Complementary Professions

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other. While a gathering profession is self-sufficient and doesn't need materials from another profession to operate, they are particularly needed for the following manufacturing professions:

  • Blacksmiths obviously need Miners for their smelted ingots in order to make weapons
  • Craftsmen need Miners to collect gems for their jewelery.

The Mining Process

Tools of the Trade

In order to mine anything, players need a Pick. A low-level pick is given to the player when they learn the profession, but better, stronger ones can be bought from the Miner Life Skill Master in any town or city.

Every time a player mines, their pick's durability will be reduced by a few points, depending on which ore is mined. When the durability drops to zero, the pick will be destroyed and players will need to buy a new one. So it is always a good idea to buy the highest level pick as soon as possible so as to avoid having to return to town frequently.

Finding Mines

The first step to mining is figuring out where to mine. Once this profession is learnt, the map (M) and minimap will display ore icons. To toggle this, players may open their map (M), select "Collections" at the bottom, and click "Map Icon Mine.pngOres".

Not all areas have the same ores however. Chengdu for example has Iron and Silver, but Sect areas like Wudang have Copper.

In order not to have to memorize where each ore and gem can be found, players can access the exploration screen by going to the Life interface (default: I) and double-clicking the miner's pickaxe, or clicking the "Exploration" icon at the bottom of the Life screen.

To the left of this Exploration screen a list of areas can be found, and to the right, a panel showing what ores and gems can be found in the selected area. Players can search for an area by using the search bar at the top left. And right above the search bar, a drop-down menu can be used to browse by region.


Once the mine is found, and with a pick in hand, players need only walk up to it and right-click it to start mining. A mine can be gathered from 3 times, then it will disappear before respawning nearby a few minutes later. Mining costs tool durability and physical strength, but rewards Life Skill Experience and materials.

If the character moves during the mining process, it will be cancelled.


The yield of each mine depends on the level of the Miner: A low-level miner might get worthless Stones instead of ores or gems. Usually, mines give around 1-5 ores, but this yield can be greatly boosted by temporary strategy books:

  • Ore Mining Strategy (3 Days): Awarded by the Miner Life Skill Masters for completing a one time Miner's Task. Grants 3 days of doubled mining products.
  • Ore Mining Strategy (30 Days): Available from the Miner Life Skill Masters for Official Silver.png 100 Liang Silver. Grants 30 days of doubled mining products.


After gathering ores, players might want to smelt them into ingots.


In order to smelt anything, players must learn the process for each type of ingot. The Miner Life Skill Master sells these various smelting recipes. Once bought, players can find the recipes in the "Item" tab of the Backpack and right-click them to learn the method.

Manufacturing Ingots

After learning the appropriate recipe, players may start smelting.

They can do this by going to the Life screen (I), selecting the Miner pickaxe icon, and right-clicking the "Smelting" icon at the bottom of the screen.

To the left of this Smelting screen, a list of the smelting recipes can be found, and to the right, the required materials to make the selected ingot. Players can specify how many ingots should be smelted in the "times" box, and begin the manufacturing process by clicking the "Smelt" button.

If the character moves during the smelting process, it will be cancelled.

Leveling the Miner Profession

There are several ways to gain Life Skill Experience for the mining profession:

  • Doing the Miner Daily Tasks, which grant Miner's Records that give experience when read. (The apprentices near Miner Life Skill Masters give these quests out every day)
  • Collecting ores from Mine nodes in the world grant small amounts of experience every time they are gathered.

Note that smelting does not give any Life Skill experience.

Skill Books

Daily Tasks

Miner's Daily Tasks

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