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Kidnapping is a system in which Player can kidnap offline player and sell them to Npcs to gain money. It is considered an "Evil" act and may cost some players sect discipline points if they go through with it.

How to kidnap

  • As the first point the players needs to get a kidnap drug items, which is sold by quacks.
  • The second point is to find a target. An offline Player who has been kidnapped recently has a de-buff and can't be kidnapped again for a certain time, usually 1 hour.
  • When a suitable player is found, one has to get near (less than 5 metres) him and use the drug to stun him.
  • There is a chance to get noticed and paralysed for 60 seconds.
  • Once the drugging works, the offline player will appear to be in a take-able sack.
  • When carrying a kidnapped person, the movement speed is reduced and every other player can attack a kidnapper without suffering PK penalties. If you are rendered unconscious you will drop the kidnapped offline player.
  • As the last step on has to find an npc which wants to buy a kidnapped person.
  • One can find those when opening the task window and search in Jianghu -> Evil Kidnap -> Exchange points.
  • After the selling was successful, one gets a one hour cool down on kidnapping but may be less if you sold the target to the Greedy Human Trafficker NPC.


The reward from sold Kidnappings varies depending if the one is Vip or not.
Vip players gain silver coins, silver and a repair item.
Non-Vip players will get silver coins and a repair item.

Note If you have reached your cap for Bound Liang you will not be able to receive any money for the kidnap at all and may be unable to turn the Kidnap in.