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Kassariane was a former Senior Moderator and prime mover on this Wiki. They have moved on to other projects of late but in this authors opinion their stuff is too good to let fall into obsucrity. And besides, I suspect Ol' Kass would have added it themself later had they been able to. Original Post page is here[1]

Hello Xias,

As a lot of people (mostly newcomers) in the past few months has asked for a new server and their main argument was "We can't compete with old players", I am writing this guide which basically sums up things previously said, and trying to get it in one place. Feel free to point newcomers here.

First of all, it is important to have at least some basic knowledge about the game. If you are a complete newbie, then this is not the place for you just yet, I would consider browsing and reading some of the official Game Guide first.


Let's face it, without VIP you will always lag behind, this is the one thing you just need to have to stay competitive. With VIP you get highest cultivation conversion rates so you do not need to worry about running out of cultivation points and can do Team Practice daily. The offline cultivation is priceless as well.


Kidnapping is possibly the most stable source of income. It does not make you rich fast, but it can keep you on track, it is like allowance that you are sure to get if you are active. There are better ways how to get money (unless you have 10+ VIP alts for kidnapping), but kidnapping gets you started, does not need any investment and is risk-free. Kidnapping for Unbound Liang is limited to VIP players at this time of writing.

Senior Brother training

Now this is a great feature for newcomer. This feature allows you to skip first and second inners, go straight for 3rd inner and save lots of cultivation time and even get some extra pills along the way. What you need to do in short is to find a person who has cultivated their 3rd sect internal skill (must be same sect as you) to level 36 and ask them if they would accept you as Junior Brother. If they do, you will receive some fre epages for 3rd inner to get you started and once you hit level 30 and graduate, you will automatically receive first inner at level 25 and second inner at lvl 20, which will unlock your sect meridian straight to 108 levels.

Once you graduate as 3rd inner Junior Brother, you can find a Meridian Senior Brother, which will decrease cultivation needed for other sects internal skills - great way to open meridians.

Most efficient way currently is finding a Senior Brother/sister that can train you in your sects 4th internal skill to level 40 (Graduation point) At that point your 1st,2nd & 3rd school inners will auto level to their 20+ ranks.

Old Welcomes New

This is an "event" that allows new characters to purchase very strong pills for very little gold. It is avaible only to new characters and the amount is limited. To buy them, click the red curtain that is by default to the right of your health bar, and select the right icon ("Old Welcomes New"), then proceed as instructed.

Sect Instances

You can run 7 instances per week, I would recommend to spend these runs on sect instances. The reason is to get your 4th skillset. When you get a bit stronger, you might be interested in doing the harder version of it, which drops items required for unlocking higher levels of 4th skillset and also (at the same time) items required for 4th inners. The items required for 4th inners, called Sheepskin Scraps, are shared requirement for 4th inners of all schools. So even if you are not interested in leveling your 4th inner, it is currently a very effective way to get a nice amount of money.

Unlocking Meridians

To unlock meridians we need internal skills of other sect's. For that need to unlock them. There are several ways to do it:

Get unlock books from Script Stealing

Get breakthrough keys from Sect Instances

Get breakthrough keys from Jianghu Hero - simply kill mobs with sword icon above their health bar long enough (progress bar will show up) until you get instanced and challenge by a player-like NPC. If two attacks at once, you have a chance to obtain bound breakthrough keys (level of keys depends on the tag of the spawned enemies - junior, senior, etc.)

Get two blood plum darts inners to level 25 - they will unlock all your meridians to 36 levels which is equivalent to leveling all sects first inners to level 25. The two inners must be matching though - either Icy Heart and Chaos Style, or Bloody Sabre and Toad Style. This way saves you some cultivation times as is good choice if you want to actually use one of those inners. It is more pricy than the regular ways though.

Unlocking one Jianghu inner even to level 1 will activate two special meridians to level 45. These are generally accepted to be superior to ALL school meridians to level 72 at least. This therefore is HIGHLY recommended.

Exchange / buy / trade pages with players from other sects - 2nd and 3rd inner can be traded in the form of books. Quite a few people trade full 1-20 books at once for other sects inners. Try asking around.


Join weddings! You need to pay some small fee to enter, but you will get a lot of Figs. These items will give you 50k qi into currently cultivated meridian upon consumption. Stack them up and use them whenever you unlock more meridian levels.

Gold over Jade

When getting equipment, do not aim directly for the best of the best. Gold gear is quite cheap and affordable even by people who only kidnap and provides bonuses which are very well enough to keep you on your feet. Getting a full set of Jade with perfect stats may be as much as ten times more expensive than getting full set of gold.

Sect & Faction Gold gear As an option you may be able to farm a specialised set of Gold type gear by Sect or Faction activities (Varies by Sect) These are specifically buffed for the major strength of the Sect or faction they are from.