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Jianghu Reputation is a point score that is awarded to your character for accomplishing various tasks and deeds. It approximates the growing fame of your character as they grow from unknown newcomer to famous Hero in the Jianghu. It is vital that you take every effort to improve this score as high reputation is a requirement to unlock new skills or missions of various sorts.

Obtaining Reputation

The good news is that nearly anything you do will add to your Jianghu Reputation! However most increases from every day tasks and quests are small. Completing say a Forbidden Area adds a great deal more. It is even possible to obtain items that instantly grant more Jianghu Reputation from Faction (including Vagrants) and Sect NPC's in exchange for Honour certificates of the appropriate type.

Reputation Levels

Reputation Rank Requires
Nameless level 1 0
Nameless level 2 383
Nameless level 3 5483
Nameless level 4 32.683
Nameless level 5 128.783
Be Famous Little by Little Rank 1 389.983
Be Famous Little by Little Rank 2 987.383
Be Famous Little by Little Rank 3 2.196.383
Be Famous Little by Little Rank 4 4.432.383
Be Famous Little by Little Rank 5 8.285.383
Wold-renown Level 1 14.578.383
Wold-renown Level 2 24.378.383
Wold-renown Level 3 39.078.383
Wold-renown Level 4 60.418.383
Wold-renown Level 5 90.608.383