Jianghu Heroes

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Being a heroic Xia and accepting dangerous quests often leads you to beautiful places which are occupied by very unfriendly henchmen. Drawing your weapon and bringing these bad guys to justice with your perfected martial arts skills can get you the attention of other skilled NPCs. And if you aren't careful you will have to face these experienced masters - the Jianghu heroes - in a fight of life and death.

On your journeys through the wilderness of the Jianghu you might have already recognized that some NPCs have a little dagger icon next to their names. If you found some of these NPCs you are in the right place for a special challenge.

How To Participate

Hero Marker.jpg
  • Look for NPCs with a dagger icon next to their name.
  • Start killing them.
  • Once the orange bar on the right is filled, one or two heroes will spawn.
  • Kill the hero(es).
Hero Progress Bar.jpg

The heroes always belong to a sect and the NPCs spawn the same type (or types) of heroes. Here are the known Jianghu Hero Locations.

Note: the Jianghu Hero is a solo challenge/event. If you are in a team your team mates will not be able to intervene in your fight as you will fade from view as it starts as you go into the Mini Incidence.

Note 2: Between 15:30-16:30, only a certain hero, called Liu Zhenyu spawns.

Hero's rewards

  • Wulin Book (exhange for goods in Suzhou (325,725))
  • Qi Pills
  • Treasures

Addionally, when two Heroes spawn a chest may appear that will contain some Bound Skill Keys as well.