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Player Killing (PK mode)

In Age of Wulin, players are able to engage other players without consent for numerous reasons. In order to fight (and subsequently kill) another player, the player must have left novice protection by either leveling Sitting and Forgetting skill to level 5 or by learning a cultural profession.

Killing a player has consequences, however. Upon incapacitating another player, the player can receive "Kill” points, ranging from 320 to 600. In this context, incapacitating means draining the HP bar of the player to 0. Killing a player (draining his mana to 0 after he is incapacitated) inflicts another 50 points.
When a player has 0 kill points, his name will remain white. From 1 to 1999 kill points, his name will turn brown, from 2000 to 7999 kill points, his name will turn red and beyond 8000 kill points, the player will have a purple name.
When a player is killed while having a red name, he will be sent to the nearest prison to repent until his kill points reach 0. The player can meanwhile choose to either pay the bail (in unbound liang) or gamble with the guard to reduce kill points.
When a player is killed while having a purple name, he will be sent to the death row, awaiting his beheading. No option to bail or gamble is available to escape, however, the player is able to summon his (best) friends in order rescue him from prison. Only 1 attempt is allowed and if successful, the player will be ported back to the Jianghu and will have 7999 kill points. His best friends will also incur kill points.
When a player is killed while having a brown name, no penalty will be inflicted, except on his pride.
The autoparry feature is active while fighting in Jianghu mode.

Sparring Contest

In order to avoid grudges by killing someone, a player can send a duel invitation to his target. This is a harmless way of testing each other’s skills and prowess. The goal is to win against the adversary by reducing his HP points to 0.
Sparring Contests yield no rewards except experience. During a sparring contest, the autoparry feature is disabled.

Jianghu Alignment (Greater Jianghu)

Performing deeds in the Jianghu will grant players certain alignment points according to the deeds themselves. Good deeds like saving a kidnapped person will yield Chivalry points, while killing or kidnapping will give Wickedness points. Alignments can be quickly viewed thanks to the icons next to the player name.

There are 5 alignments in this game: Paladin (blue star), Villain (red skull), Madman (yellow skull), Evil Person (Purple skull) and No alignment (green shield). Every player starts with no alignment.

Freefight in the Jianghu has a payment system intertwined with the alignment system. Players from opposing alignments can confiscate items or cultivation points from victims that have been slain, upon which the victim has to pay unbound Liangs in order to reclaim the items. Depending on the alignment grade (from small icons to large icons), higher grade of equipment can be confiscated (with the largest icons claiming up to jade items from other large icons). Only new players with the green shield icon are exempt from this system.

Detailed info on alignment here!

Guild Chasing Token

Avoiding Jianghu Mode

If a player wishes to craft, farm, explore or do anything else without being perturbed by other players, he can activate a prayer that will grant him protection from PKers. In order for the prayer to be active, the player may not have killed anyone within a 12-hour period and must wait 1 hour after initiating the buff.