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Go through the deserted mountains and forests to kill beasts with your bow and arrow. The fur, bones and flesh you obtain with a sharp sabre can be used for making equipment and as ingredients for cooking.

Hunter is a gathering Life Skill that allows a character to skin, joint and gut certain animals and collect their skins, meat and other trophies.

Full list of identities can be found here.

Learning to Hunt

Characters learn this profession by purchasing it from a Hunter Life Skill Master who can be found in any town or city. The Master Hunter in the current scene can be found by opening the map, clicking on the "Life Master" button at the bottom of the frame and selecting " Map Icon Master Hunter.pngHunter".

The cost of learning this profession increases with the number of gathering skills already learned. Upon learning the skill, the new hunter:

  • receives 1 Skinning Knife (lowest level type)
  • gains 20 Hunter Life Skill Experience points
  • obtains the "First Hunting" identity
  • can perform the Hunter's Daily Task.

To use this life skill, a character must have a hunting knife in their backpack.

Complementary Professions

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other.

The resources gathered through hunting are used by many professions:

The Hunting Process

Tools of the Trade

To skin animals, hunters must have a hunting knife in their backpack. A low-level knife is given to the player when they learn the profession, but better, stronger ones can be bought from the Miner Life Skill Master in any town or city.

The knife loses a small amount of durability whenever it is used; when durability drops to zero, the knife will be destroyed and the hunter will require a new one before he or she can harvest any more animal carasses. So it is always a good idea to buy the highest level knife as soon as possible so as to avoid having to return to town frequently.

Hunting tools bind on purchase and so cannot be mailed.

Searching for Prey

Before hunting, players must first find their prey. This is no easy task, as there are a great number of animals in Age of Wulin, and some aren't even skinnable. But finding prey is not as hopeless as it seems. Here's how to do it.

Searching Screen

First, players can find a list of animals and their drops right in their Life screen (I). Double-clicking on the Hunter's bow and arrow icon in the Life Screen (I), or selecting it and right-clicking the "Searching" icon at the bottom will bring players to a search screen.

This search screen displays to the left a list of animals in the current scene. Clicking on any of them will display to the right their Skinning Drops (and Extra Drops). But players aren't restricted to searching only the current scene: in the top-right corner there is a drop-down menu with a list of all the areas in the game. There is also a search box beneath, where players can enter the name of the prey to be looked up.

On the Map

Ok, so now players know they can find Piglets in Chengdu that drop Minced Meat. Where exactly are these Changdu Piglets?

Map Icon.png To find the exact location of the animals they are searching for, players can open their map (M), and click "Previous Map" in the top right corner to navigate to the appropriate scene. Once the right map is pulled up, players can click the "Search NPC" in the top right corner of the map screen and use the search box to type the name of their prey. The search box is case-sensitive, so typing "wild duck" won't result in anything, but writing "Wild Duck" will.

Once the search finds the desired animal, it will be displayed under "Beasts". Players can click it and red dots tracking the position of the animals will appear on the map.

Hunting and Skinning

After finding their prey, the player can attack and kill them as with any other NPCs. Once dead, the animals can be looted normally. After that, their corpses will stay a little while longer to allow the player to right-click them again and start skinning. If the character moves or takes damage during this process, the skinning will be cancelled.

The yield varies from 0 to around 7 depending on the item obtained and the level of the Hunter. Hunting yields can be increased with temporary strategy books:

  • Hunting Strategy (3 Days): Awarded by the Hunter Life Skill Masters for completing a one time Hunter's Task. Grants 3 days of tripled harvest rewards.
  • Hunting Strategy (30 Days): Available from the Fisherman Life Skill Masters for Official Silver.png 100 Liang unbound silver. Grants 30 days of tripled harvest rewards.

Skill Books

Daily Tasks

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