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An herbalist is proficient in medical knowledge and good at identifying herbs. The herbalist can make various medicines and pills that can get rid of diseases and bolster of the body. It is extremely helpful for a Jianghu Xiashi to have medical skills.

Herbalist is a Manufacturing Life Skill, that allows the players to:

  • Create medicines from herbs. Some medicines recover life or increase experience cultivation.
  • Upgrade Craftsmen's jewellery.

Full list of identities can be found here.

Full list of Herbalist Manuals

Learning Herbalism

Players can learn this profession by purchasing it from a Herbalist Life Skill Master NPC. The price will depend on what other life skills have been previously learnt.

Herbalist Life Skill Masters can be found in any town or city. To make them appear on the map, players can open their map (M), click "Life Master" at the bottom and click Map Icon Master Herbalist.pngHerbalist. Once you have this profession you can enable Herb locations to be shown on a scene map by clicking Map Icon Medicinal Herb.png on the main maps collections tab.

Complementary Professions

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other.

Herbalists are advised to pick up the following gathering professions:

Herbalists also require some ingredients from other manufacturing professions. Having or making friends with the following professions would help:

  • Tailors to provide materials to make upgrade items

Lastly, Herbalists are also useful to some other professions:

  • Craftsmen need Herbalists for their ability to make upgrades for the jewelery they make

Skill Books

Daily Tasks

Practising Herbalism

To use the Herbalist skills you will need to acquire four things.

  • Firstly you must learn herbal remedy recipes. The intial ones of these can be bought direct from the life master NPC. Others you will acquire through Faction or Forbidden area drops. Or You may purchase directly with Gold Leisure tokens through the point exchange.
  • Secondly you will need to collect ingredients naturally these will be one or more medicinal Herbs that you can harvest in different scenes by opening the main map and clicking on the Map Icon Medicinal Herb.png icon. Other ingredients may be farmed or derived from dissecting fish, or hunting and skinning certain animals. To dissect fish simply right click the fish in your backpack, components to look out for include Fish scale, Gills and Roe.
  • Thirdly you will need to obtain from the Life master NPC bottles to put your finished medicines into. These vary according to the recipe and can cost anything from a few Wen to several Liang for a full stack of 200. For 3rd & 4th Teir Stove recipes it is recommended you only buy what you need for that Stove
  • Lastly make sure you have a Herbalists Crushing bowl in your pack before beginning a recipe. From observation you will need one of these present in your back pack even if you are using a Herbal Stove recipe.

Third tier (Gold quality) recipes and above will require a refining stove that you may either purchase from the Market or if you are lucky receive as a Forbidden area drop or from an event. Please note Herbal stoves come in three distinct types. "Internal Power"; "Hit point" and "Strengthening". The first two are reasonably common but the latter is more rare.

The Golden Needle Shen Family and Rootless Clan factions have additional herbal type recipes that can be learned by non Faction members however they usually require specialist ingredients that are very hard to obtain if you are not also a member of that Faction.

Making money out of Herbalism

Primary items that can be sold are Buff medicines "Strengthening" type recipes. And Hit point potions. Also certain Herbal pills are required quest items for certain faction quests. Only the top (Jade Quality) Herbal potions will fetch more than one Liang per dose.

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