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Golden Needle Shen Family is a joinable faction in Age of Wulin. Players that join the faction will gain access to their inner skill and combat routine, along with the ability to perform Castration reversal for the top 10 ranking members, and the ability to unlock meridian accupoints for the top ranked member.

Why should I join? Why should I not join?

So you have heard about the awesome Shen faction and are considering joining it. Here is what you can expect.


  • You get the only active healing set in the game
  • Awesome in PvE situations (instances, world bosses)
  • Great in group PvP
  • Can grant temporary “immortality” if several members group up
  • Has very powerful "nuke" skill with low cool down.
  • Can sew back “treasures” See Castration reversal
  • Can open meridian acupoints (1st to 3rd only)


  • Weak in 1v1 PvP
  • Expensive if you want to max inner skill and martial skills
  • Time-consuming and grindy
  • Opening meridian acupoints is not as great as it sounds

If you put the effort into it then it can be worthwhile, the Needle skill is considered very good indeed. If you enjoy playing in a supporting role then it is an excellent choice. The inner; Twenty-four Codes of Gold Entrance and Jade Lock, is Taiji and excels in group PvP or PvE. Regular participation in the Herb event will eventually yield tokens for Taiji Gold faction gear that has a dedicated buff for the Needle skill. This will take time to get the minimum six items for the first stage buff, but if attained will make the Three Yang Mysterious Needle skill truly frightening to face in battle.

Joining the family


First of all your power level must be above “Work with Ease” and you also cannot belong to any other faction or major sect. Note that if you were previously a vagrant, you still stay vagrant even if you join a faction (you can do the daily TP and weekly quests and also buy scripts for vagrant skills).

Getting the admission token

If you fulfill those two requirements, simply go to Chengdu (223, 785) and talk to Wang Xiong, he will offer you about 5 quests. They differ by items you need to bring him. It is always some gathering. For example 150x Peppermint, Kuqing Flower and Wormwood. After you complete one of them (just one is enough!), you will receive a token.

Joining the family

When you get the token, go to Gao Tai (Chengdu 228, 772) and tell him you wish to join the Shen Family. He will give you a tour around the faction. After that you can start the first part of main story (simply follow the quest log).

Congratulations, you are now part of the family!

Note: You might have heard of other ways to join the faction, like getting random encounter or having “Shen” in your name. Waiting for random encounter seems silly as you can finish the quest quickly and easily, and the “Shen” in name way probably works only on China server.

For greater details of the main family quest process see; Golden Needle Shen Family Main Storyline


So now you have finished the first part of story and got yourself the skillset unlocked to level 3 and also the first 5 pages for your inner skill and the main story quest will now say it needs 34000 reputation points to proceed to part 2 of the main story, now you ask - what next?


To get Golden Needle Shen Family Daily Quests talk to the Chamberlain (Chengdu 311, 790). This daily quest consist of a series of simple tasks. Complete them all and you will obtain a reward based on your Shen identity level via system mail.

Tip: When you have to kill bugs, just right-click them or use AoE DoT skill.

The contents:

  • Shen Certificates - These are your friends, you use them to buy inner pages, skill set pages (6-9) and even some equipment
  • Repentance Letters - Decrease your Discipline Value by 10 (more on that later)
  • Shen Family Reputation - After you right-click this thing you get some reputation points
  • Additionally you may also receive miscellaneous rewards that can include secret recipes for Herbalist or Blacksmiths. Also Annotation books for the Three Yang Mysterious Needle have also been known to drop. Other random rewards include unbound special components for the above recipes and possibly ready made Needles or Potions from the Shen family's secret techniques. See Shen Family Secrets

Dailies are the only way to get reputation! The higher your identity (which can be raised by getting reputation), the higher the difficulty of the daily, and the more certificates / reputation you get per day.

You can check your reputation if you press J, in the “Movements” tab.

Reputation and identities:

Identity Level Reputation Requirement Skillset and Inner unlock Time~
1 Join the faction Inner level 5 0 days
2 10000 Skillset level 1-3 0 days
3 34000 Skillset level 4 + 3 days
4 76000 Skillset level 5, Bamboo and Orchids (Page 1) + 4 days
5 140000 Nothing + 6 days
6 236 500 Nothing + 7 days

For more details on Shen Family Daily quests see; Golden Needle Shen Family Daily Quests

Medicine Points

Medicine points raise the damage and healing of your skills. With 500 medicine points, my heal raised by ~ 5%. The maximum amount of points you can get is 10000. Medicine points can also be used to buy meridian unlocks for others. Medicine Points decrease everyday by a few due to being “rusty”. The amount decreased depends on the amount of points you currently have, approximately 1% of your maximum points (rounding down) is deducted at the midnight reset, or when you next log on after a reset.

You can check your current amount of medicine points if you press J and go to “Knowledge” tab.

To check the rankings for Medicine Points (This is what matters when it comes to being able to unlock accupoints or sewing back “treasures”) open Ranking - Event - Golden Needle Shen Family Medicine Points. Being ranked in the top ten Shen Medical practitioners will generate a few extra faction certificates each week.

How to get medicine points

First of all you need to reach at least 34000 reputation points. After that you will need to do the Travelling and practising medicine event. Doing this event is the only way to get medicine points.

Shen Family events

In addition to the above storyline and daily quests, the Shen family has two special events, one open to any Xia; one specific to members of the Faction.

This runs Monday to Friday and is available to all Xia's

This can be taken multiple times a day only by members of the Shen Family, and is used to improve standing and ability with faction specific skills.

Items Required for Skillset and Inner

Three Yang Mysterious Needle (1 Skill) Non-vip vip
Level 6 100 20
Level 7 150 30
Level 8 200 40
Level 9 209 63
Level 10 1500 450
Three Yang Mysterious Needle (8 Skills) Non-vip vip
Level 6 800 160
Level 7 1200 240
Level 8 1600 320
Level 9 1672 504
Level 10 12.000 3600
Full Skillset level 9 5272 1224
Full Skillset level 10 17.272 4824
Golden Needle Shen Family Special Skills Non-vip vip
Support Right and Dispel Evil (Page 1) 200 40
Bamboo and Orchids (Page 2) 300 60
Bamboo and Orchids (Page 3) 300 60
Twenty-four Codes of Gold Entrance and Jade Lock (1 Page) Non-vip vip
Level 6-30 50 10
Level 31-35 200 40
Level 36-41 300 60
Level 42-46 2000 600
Level 47-69 860 258
Level 70-79 1500 450
Twenty-four Codes of Gold Entrance and Jade Lock (All Pages) Non-vip vip
Level 6-30 (25 pages) 1250 250
Level 31-35 (5 pages) 1000 200
Level 36-41 (6 pages) 1800 360
Level 42-46 (5 pages) 10.000 3000
Level 47-69 (23 pages) 19.780 5934
Level 70-79 (10 pages) 15.000 4500
Full Inner level 6-79 48.830 14.244