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Adapted and Updated from Original Official post here [1]


Exploring the World at large or Solo Challenges share a similar design to Faction Instances and just like those Instances, your goal is to defeat a number of enemies under a certain time frame. However, the challenges have been infused with fierce changes from being able to complete this dungeon-like content on one's own, while awarding unique bonuses.

Although adding to the "grind" of the game these challenges are a valuable way that any level of character can improve their combat ability. They are also excellent testing grounds for learning new combat sets you have acquired; and as will be explained can make for a useful way of travelling from scene to scene.

Getting Started

Exploring Tab.jpg
You will not have to manually travel to each faction instance to activate this game event, you can instantly travel to the desired location through the feature's interface. To access the interface, click the icon "Exploring the World at Large"

This icon is also available through your Battle Menu. As far as we know it has no links to any right wing neo political group despite its unfortunate design. LOL! But if you see a player saying they have been doing "KKK" this is what they mean - no need to be alarmed!

Explore Tab 1.jpg
Clicking on the Icon brings up the Exploring the World at large Tabbed interface: The breakdown of these tabs is as follows.

First off, the four tabs on the left represent your progression through the Solo Challenges. You'll start at A little Famous and work your way towards Gentlefolk. In order to unlock the advanced challenges, you'll need a required amount of Jianghu reputation, strength level, and complete the early stage challenges.

Each of the golden panels represents one solo faction instance you must complete to obtain some kind of reward. Naturally you start at One and finish with up to six. Before starting each challenge, you have a couple options to consider.

Exploring Tab1 Close Up.jpg
  • Valor mode- After completing a Solo Challenge 7 times (one complete set), you can do a Solo Challenge in Valiant mode, which will double the bounty reward. Valor or "Valiant mode" can be attempted once per week. See Tips section hereafter.
  • Reset - 6 resets of the golden panels are allowed per week, so after completing six challenges, you can reset, and do a maximum of 36 challenges per week. The overall Solo Challenge progress resets every week.
  • Speed Challenge -Spend 10 unbound liang, and lose a portion of your total challenge time, to instantly complete the challenge.
  • Start Challenge - Instantly teleports your character to the faction instance, and the challenge begins.
  • Companion. A newly added option this allows you to designate a Friend that you have the option to summon to assist you in a Challenge. Related to this ais the check box to "Automatically Invite" (Always leave this OFF for reasons explained below) And the "Ally order" counter.
  • First time in the Jianghu A newer option that allows you t use the Tools below for free at the cost of reducing the amount of challenges you can make in the current round.

On the Buttons themselves the following two options are displayed

  • Change Opponent - Upon clicking each of the golden panels, the name of the boss that you will fight from that instance will appear. Changing opponents costs unbound liang, and will randomly change the boss to a different boss of that same faction instance. The purpose of doing this is to try your luck with fighting a boss from the Wanted list (Shown in the first image - scroll down to find who is "Wanted Boss" of this set of factions).
  • Select Opponent - This confirms the new boss you will fight after changing opponents.

So see which random faction you have been allotted, and note any Victory conditions by reading the line of yellow text under their name. Then Buff up and click start! Good luck!

The Challenge

Exploring tools.jpg
You will now be transported to the faction challenge. The timer on your challenge has now started! This is pretty important as unlike Faction Challenges you have a very limited amount of time to get the most out of this event.

You start actually inside the challenge area, so double check your victory conditions and get started. You may be presented with a Pop up box with a Boss icon in it asking if you want to spend Unbound Liang to upgrade the boss to "Aggressive" mode which while a touch harder will give you a guaranteed Bai Xiao's Weapon Manual as an extra reward. This is rarely worth the money in this authors opinion. Your mileage may vary of course, just don't randomly click yes unless you are sure you have the cash to spare..

Less obviously now on your screen you will have a small Icon for calling in a Friend. You may any given friend can only respond to these calls 3 times per day. Thats total so if a friend has already helped out two other people OR one person twice they can only be summoned to your side Once on that day. {Need to experiment to see if you can summon different people for more than three total calls}

In any event, make your decisions and go for it. Speed is generally more important that completing all objectives. To obtain an A rating you need to achieve the bonus objective and clear at least two lines of the secondary targets as well as not being seriously injured (Killed) even once.

To help you and extract yet more of your Unbound you are granted the following tool bar and added options. These special abilities can be used in conjunction with your usual skills, and usage of these techniques will cost 1 unbound liang. The tools that get added to your tool bar appear to be randomly assigned and it is not unusual to get multiple copies of the same one in the bar.


Wanted List.jpg
Wanted List tips

Towards the top of the interface is a list of Wanted bosses. These bosses will appear in RED in the challenge Tab. If you kill a Wanted boss during one of your Solo Challenges, you'll receive a Wanted reward of an extra Bai Xiao's Weapon Manual sent via system mail at the end of the challenge.

Each reset of the Challenge you are allowed to change one opponent for free. So by carefully using this target reset you can obtain a Wanted reward of the highest level you feel comfortable challenging alone. (Or as a pair if you have enabled a companion - see below).

At around 6 Am Gmt (Why then, we don't know - or I don't know) the Wanted bosses change. So if you are in valour mode I strongly suggest you leave off completing that set of challenges until you have rolled over at least one such boss reset. It is perfectly likely that one or more bosses will have turned red overnight.

Time use tips

The interface as of this writing is badly buggy. It is supposed to display your remaining challenge time but its not accurate unless... Go install the Fan made (but officially sanctioned) text fix pack here[2] This will allow you to see accurately how much time you have got left.

Also you are awarded a little extra time with each successful challenge. Getting your first second tier challenge of the day adds considerably more time so it is often a good idea to complete one Tier one and one tier two early to maximise your time pool.

Achievement Tips

If you mousover the name of a current (yet to be challenged) boss you will see a popup showing all the possible bosses in that faction. Ones appearing in Grey have yet to be "Fully defeated" (Beaten with an "A" rating) by yourself.

Misc Tips

This mini event is a great way to get around the Jianghu if you are short on foot holds! The low level factions are comparitivly easy to beat after a while and can be used instead of a leader spy token to take you to their sect scene. Do a round of challenge then exit into that sect scene and pop the spy mission.

Likewise you can use this function to escape a potentially bad situation as it teleport you across the map provided you are not already engaged in combat or other another "special status"

Exploring the World with a companion, is highly recommended - especially if you are lower level than say "Shock the World". Each day you may invite one person 3 times. So an efficient way to do this is partner up with somebody with the same sot of progress as you and help each other out at n appointed time. You have a reserve of up to 21 companion summons, which replenishes at the rate of 3 per day... So unless you want to go all out calling one person 3 times then swapping to another and calling them 3 times you can keep you and your Buddy occupied all week double teaming the Bosses.


Explore Tab 2.jpg

There are various one-time achievements available to each character. Generally when you have defeated each Boss in a given faction with an "A" rating you will unlock a bonus Bai Xiao's Weapon Manual. These are NOT automatically mailed to you, you have to go into the table shown here and click Take; then the system mails them to you.

Explore Tab 3.jpg

Every time you complete a Solo Challenge you will earn points. These points accumulate until spent. The Exchange tab shows you a list of items you can acquire with these points, which includes skill scripts, challenge-related items, and consumable pills.


Depending how well you perform in the Solo Challenges, you will be able to join the weekly competition for the top rankings against each one, and can earn bonus rewards for being best of the best.

General Rewards

Sect Spying Token Upon completing 3 sub-achievements (i.e. unique boss kills of any type no need to get "A"s), you'll acquire a consumable spying token. If used during sect spying, you'll immediately gain 5 pieces of intelligence. After completion of the 3rd sub-achievement, you'll continue to receive these spying tokens for every 2 sub-achievement's completed.

Individual Solo Challenge Rewards

Each Solo Challenge you complete will not only award you with the accumulated points, but also reputation, Qi, bonus challenge time, and Jianghu experience. However if you call your spouse to assist you in one of these that will NOT add to your co operation points. You will gain Gold & Jade tokens from doing these successfully. Certain reward boxes will contain Xiake tokens that can be exchanged for even better pills and items in the exchange tab. The reward chests for these Factions may contain the usual assortment of skills and consumables.

Weapon Manuals

These are the most desirable thing from doing this mini event. They are used to grant damage boosts to All your weapon skills using a given type that you choose. See the Weapon Manuals page for a fuller description of their use.

Jianghu Intelligence

Yup you can get this from defeating these factions in this way. Regular and Intermediate is possible in the end chest drops. If you are desperate for Intermediate intelligence then you can use the Bloodstone Buddha technique [3] in these challenges but that's not reccomended due to the time limitations.

Completing any of the third of fourth tier factions in this mode will grant you "Premium Jianghu intelligence" certificates which you can exchange through this events tabbed list for pages 9+ of your cash shop skills.