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  1. You get experience for every activity you do: completing quests, events, doing crafting or gathering jobs, working offline, even jumping or dying.
  2. Experience has a cap of 999.
  3. One point of experience provides 1000 points of cultivation points.
  4. Every 100s experience is converted into 380 cultivation points.
    1. Non-VIP players will have 30% of gained cultivation points go into a reserve (Unlocking 12.500 reserved cultivation points will cost 1 gold), so their basic conversion speed will be 266 cultivation per 100s.
  5. How to increase experience conversion rate


While everything gives you experience, random activities wont be enough to hit the daily limit. The most suited ways to get experience are:

  • spy quest
  • guild escort mission (trade coupons for experience potions)
  • completing Jianghu factions
  • completing instances
  • crafting and gathering