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All Skills in Age of Wulin can be leveled up by using enough cultivation points. The required cultivation points amount is based on skill type and level. Average cultivation requirements for lv1-5 damage skills are: 19k, 60k, 140k, 200k (respectively, for each level). There are 3 ways of spending cultivation points:

  1. Internal cultivation: Puts 10.350 points into the skill, per hour. Free players must remain online for internal cultivation to work. VIP players will have internal cultivation active while online and offline.
  2. Practice martial arts: can use up to 50 bound liang per day to spend around 20k points; can spend unlimited amount of unbound liang a day (after spending 100 liang - bound silver training cap will be doubled for a week).
  3. Team practice: 10 players can gather (preferrably at sacred places) to complete a group training of 35 rounds (35s for 1 round, 20 minutes in total), reward is 96K points into the skill (once a day). VIP players get the entire 96K from doing a 25 round team practice.

To make sure you always have enough cultivation points, read: How to increase experience conversion rate