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Credit to Cirssu for the orginal work. His forum post is here

Hello,in this guide i will explain very detailed on how to level fast and get meridians as quickly and cheapest possible.

First of all there are many ways of getting cultivation:

Team practice;it gives 100k cultivation daily on inner or skills .The location of team practice is in Chengdu at coordinates 999 999 .As non vip you will need to do a 25 round team practice + a 10 round team practice to get maximum fatigue that is 100%.(fatigue at 100% means you can not gain more cultivation from team practice).

Daily escort.For daily escort you need to be in a guild.After you get a guild you first create team (you can do it alone or with others guild members but you must be in a Team) then go to the NPC in Suzhou at coordinates 425 627.Speak to him and take an escort fastest way is to select 2nd option and 1st cart.Each time you do it you get 20 cultivation pills worth of 300 cultivation each.Daily limit of pills that you can eat is 100 so you only do escort 5 times.That equals another 30k cultivation on skills or inners.

Jianghu Hero.Each player non-vip can do 3 jianghu hero per monster spot Vips can do it 5 times per spot.Each jianghu hero drops a wulin book.To spawn a jianghu hero you need to kill the monsters in the area designated in the link bellow. You need a daily of 20 wulin books to exchange for 10 cultivation pills.Each cultivation pill can offer different amount depending on the Inner you are cultivating(can only be used on inners):

- 1st inners can get 20k cultivation from the pills=200k cultivation total - 2nd inners can get 15k cultivation from the pills=150k cultivation total - 3rd inners can get 10k cultivation from the pills=100k cultivation total Exchange Npc for the wulin books is in Suzhou at coordinates 322 723.

Jianghu Hero Locationsare here.

Hero Farm Tips

My advice when you go to farm jianghu hero is to either have Kuixi kicks skill set from vagrant story line or the next sets depending on the school you are currently in: Wudang use Cool wind sword set that is the 1st set you get when joining wudang it has very good crowd control best use for Jianghu hero.

Scholars use the Free Leg Kick or Whirling Flower sword sets.Leisure kick because extremely high damage and good control.Fallen flower sword use only if you are bad at Using Leisure Kicks.

Emei use Farewell Stab set because it has very high damage and critical rate also nice control.

Blissful Valley use Wind Seeking sabre because of Seal ability and control.You can also use Perish Stings but at low levels it is a bad set.

Tang use either a Enchanding dart set or Golden snake sting.If you cant use Golden snake sting just use dart set its easy.

Beggars use Snake staff Technique single target high damage and control set.

Shaolin use Weituo for locking down the jianghu hero

​Royal guard use Soul Striking claw set it has good control and damage.

​ Mind demon.

Sometimes when you kill monsters a red lamp appears if you click it will send you to a new area and you will see an npc in front of you.To beat this npc you need to invite 1 or 2 more players.To invite players you need to add them at friends and then right click their name; then press Random Encounter help .If you kill the mind demon you will get a 200% cultivation boost for 1 hour that means in about 1 hour you will get a total of 30k cultivation.Also between the ingame hours 15:30-16:30 and 21:30-22:30 an special Jianghu hero will spawn instead of normal ones.If you beat him he might drop Mind Banishing order ;that item is an easier version of Mind Deamon.

Cash shop item.

If you really want to level very very fast then you can buy from cash shop Internal skill enlightenment script it costs 45 gold and reduces the ammount needed to cultivate internal skills by 25%.

Those are the way on how to level very fast.Also 1 last tip if you plan on leveling sect inners just for meridians then first try to get 4th inner and level 4th inner normally and use the wulin books pills on the other inners that is a faster way to get internal skills for meridians.

Meridian Tips

Now meridians they are split into school meridians and jianghu meridians.I am only going to talk about school meridians. School meridians are also split into more categories but to keep it simple im going to refer to External and Internal meridians The most important ​Internal meridians are the Blissful valley,Scholar,Beggar meridians.If you plan on going for Internal damage build those meridians are a must.Blissful valley and Scholar are important because in the next expansion the level of them will be raised from 144 to 180 and the bonuses from the corresponding treasure will increase dramaticaly.Like Blissful valley meridian treasure stat will increase from 50 internal breathing to 120 internal breathing.For scholar is from 50 vigorous qi to 120.Those 2 stats i mention are extremely important for Internal builds.

The most important External meridians are Royal guard and Tang meridians.Because Royal guard meridian treasure will give 120 strenght and Tang will give 120 body method.Those stats are vital for external builds.

If you are wudang for example to get other school meridians you have to following options:

Buy meridian books from other players.First meridian book costs about 100 liang,2nd about 150-300 liang and 3rd about 500-700liang 4th meridian book can be bought with some items called Five Aggregates and Demon subduing item it needs 600 of them.1 of those item cost between 3liang and 5 liang.You can get these items from Mind Deamon.

Buy the respective school Inners from other players and cultivate them(this is harder than buying meridian books because of the time it require to cultivate them).And with this way you can only get to level 108 of meridian (or 3rd meridian). The third way is to enter a school learn all Inners until it unlocks respective meridian and then Betray.This way you get them for free but it takes at least 30 days to get 1 meridian 144(limited because of betrayal timer) To get meridians with 4th internal Big Brother is actually harder than leveling each inner ( i tested it).

To get the external meridians it will take a non vip about 80 days + if you follow my leveling guide and the betrayal path.To get internal meridians it will take you 120 days+.For Vips you can get the external meridians in 60 days maximum and internal ones in 90 days maximum.

Now to have more than 3 meridians activated you need some special meridian unlocking pill.This pill you get from sect leader when a certain inner reaches a certain level.My advice is to get a 4th master just once to get all the pills upon graduation.Curently you can activate 7 meridians same time.