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Craftsman icon
A craftsman is intelligent. No matter if it's a stone or a gem, he can carve it into an exquisite ornament. Meanwhile, ornaments that have been carved by craftsmen can add additional effects to moves.
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Craftsman is a Manufacturing Life Skill, that allows players to:

  • create necklaces, earrings and rings,
  • create wooden handles,
  • create metal clasps,
  • create laces,
  • create boxes for backpack.

Complementary Professions

Craftsman needs ingredients from following life skills:

Craftsman provides ingredients for following life skills:


To become a Craftsman, you should:

  1. talk to Master,
  2. pay the entry fee:
  3. also it is good to finish Craftsman's Task entry quest and Life Guide (Craftsman) challenge introduction quest that is given by Master after that.

Craftsman Life Skill Masters can be found in any town or city. To make them appear on the map, players can open their map (M), click "Life Master" at the bottom and click Map Icon Master Craftsman.png Craftsman.


For leveling life skill up it should be practised:

Additional notes if different identities give you any additional effects for recipes or other tips about leveling.


This section describes how to do what this life skill allows you to do. Can be divided into subsections (with === level and deeper).

Making money

There are two types of things: things, that are useful to any player in the game, and things, that are useful for specific life skill practitioners.

For any player:

For life skill practitioners (if you find some to sell them items on regular basis, that would be good):

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