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About these Guides

All of these guides were created by our fellow players. As such they must be remembered as being their opinions. They have noted down for us all what (presumably) they found to work well for them, and took the time to record that for the rest of us. As such there is no guarantee that you may not already know better or that a later patch may have changed (for better or worse) some of the info collated here. So read on but don't take anything as the ultimate unassailable truth, read and pick up tips and learn. But he best guide is simply playing the game and finding out what works for your particular character.


OK here's a thought. How about collating the guides on the forum (both stickied and un stickied) and dropping them under this category?

I think it'd be easier than attempting to scour the forum section and some of them are a tad out of date and or in need of editing anyhow.

General rule original author and page it comes from should ALWAYS be linked to from here.

Any comments or objections? Put it in the Talk page Otherwise I'll make a start with my own guide on Escorts & Banditry Adding Crissu's guide for fast levelling Just gonna work my way down the list if there are no objections :) Adding Kassariane's How to catch up as a new player Adding Shulhyril's Intermediate Intelligence Report Farming Adding New Player Walkthrough