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Scattered through out the Jianghu are a series of Martial Arts Schools, Lesser Noble houses and Mini Sects collectively referred to as "Factions". As a Xia progresses in Jianghu Reputation they gain the right to "Challenge" these factions to a trial of their strength. Sucess for them or their Team result sin one or more reward chests with contents based upon the strength of the faction ant the rating the attacking Xia's achieved. This is intended as a team event with a squad of up to six Xia's (all of which must meet any Jianghu Reputation requirement being able to collectively enter and fight the minions and a Random Boss of the faction in question.

The Factions

The game lists 32 factions that can in potential be challenged in this way. Not all of them are open at the time of this writing but the majority are available if you have sufficient reputation.

{List factions here/ post screen grab image etc}

Challenge Process

A Xia or small group (note Raid teams cannot challenge Factions - only Single 6 man or less squads) can challenge a faction by presenting themselves to the NPC "Herald" that is stationed just outside the main gate to to each faction compound. The team leader speaks to this NPC and provided all their team are standing nearby they will be automatically transported into a Micro incidence where the various Minions of the Faction will attack them as they fight their way towards the Boss.

Secondary Objectives

Once inside the Faction a seconday window will appear on the players screen listing the name and location of the Boss they will have to defeat, as well as a series of optional objectives. This is usually defeat an amount of a specific faction minion. To ensure an "A" class victory at least two of these optional objectives must be met.

Bonus Objective

In addion to the above a special condition will be added to achieve a "First class rating" (Gamespeak for an "A" rated victory), these typically are:

  • Do not be seriously injured (Killed)
  • Do not be seriously injured more than 5 times (Killed)
  • Defeat a minimum of 30 opponents
  • Defeat a minimum of 40 opponents
  • Defeat Boss within 10 Minutes
  • Defeat Boss within 5 Minutes
  • Defeat Boss within 3 Minutes

In the latter two cases the requirement to get two lines of optional objectives is waved. These are usually referred to as "Boss Rush" Missions.


Minion mobs drop the usual minor items, a faction run can be a good way to stock up on basics such as Course cloth & Linen. Generally they will also drop a Faction Token that can be useful in gaining affinity with certain NPC's

Depending on your final grade the end Boss will drop one or two Treasure chests on completion. These can contain various rewards of course based on the level of faction. They often hold useful Life skill scripts. Jianghu Intelligence and Intermediate Jianghu Intelligence can also drop here

Completing a run of six factions will allow you to claim a special reward box that will hold Smash able eggs materials and other more useful stuff.

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