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There is a huge variety of equitable items that a character can obtain in Age of Wulin. At first it is not always apparent what goes where and has what significance. The "Backpack" function of a character has four distinct Tabs for different classes of equipment, these will be detailed in brief below. See also: Items

Each Backpack Tab can be expanded by the application of an additional bag or Box that can be dropped into an expansion slot. Two such items may be applied at any one time.

Note: if you run out of space in a Backpack Tab you may not be able to complete a quest if you cannot receive in its reward item(s)

Some items also have an absolute maximum amount carried limit as well (Eg Clear Soul Pills) If you do not have the capacity to take the whole of a reward the whole thing may fail without generating an error message, this is very frustrating so always check capacity and stack size in cases where you cannot complete something.

Clothing & Weapons

Fairly self explanatory, All weapons and Armour that you are not currently holding in your hands or on you person will be in this tab. Also going in here are Treasures Jewellery and similar items. Special types of clothes called Fashion clothes will also go in this backpack tab. These can be equipped in addition to your Armour clothing.

General Equipment

Pills, Manuals, treasure boxes etc pretty much anything can go in this back pack. If you can expand this pack as fast as possible. Players that hold the Life skill Tailor can make these expansion bags.


All items used in Gathering and crafting will go in here. For example if you pick some herbs or cut some wood the resultant materials will stay in this back pack. Likewise items made up from gathered materials will also be stored here. As many professions require 3+ materials to create an item this can fill up fast as well. Players that hold the Life skill Craftsman can make these expansion boxes.

Special Materials

This is where your "Quest vital" items will usually go. If you receive a Random encounter or a quest it is highly likely that an item will have been automatically place din this back pack tab. If you lose that item it may be that you cannot complete the quest so be very careful of what is in this pack at all times. Likewise if you should run out of free slots here you will not be able to pick up a mission if that mission places an item in here.

Special note: if you have any item that is marked "Random Encounter item" DO NOT Casually lose it! You may be throwing away something very significant for a later adventure.

Sect spying is a good example. Upon receiving this "Mission" you gain a "Spy Token" in this back pack.


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