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"Chapter 8: Uncharted World"
8th March 2016
Tian Xi, Third Lady of the Changfeng Armed Escort Agency, is found at the scene of Lady Qin's murder, clutching a bloodied hairpin. With the price of an ancient martial arts script on her head, she flees to the uncharted Northern Plains, where deep caverns hide beneath the ice, with an Imperial force pursuing close on her heels. The only one who believes in her is her former colleague Di Ling, who offers another ancient script to anyone who proves Tian Xi's innocence.
The Loulan people faded away centuries ago after their kingdom was conquered by the Han and a drought struck their great city, but fragments of a treasure map have appeared, purporting to lead to a lost desert vault built to hold all their knowledge and technological achievements. The East Chamber, the Imperial Court, Lord Qin and every school and faction seek to claim the secrets of the Loulan Treasury for themselves, but the Loulan left hidden descendants to protect their secrets from their conquerors.
VIP characters can build or buy a personal home which will give access to one of the new regions depending on its location. Each home can be enlarged and furnished to provide substantial bonuses to its owner and permitted visitors, but must be cared for carefully to prevent ruin. Friends and servants can assist in home cleaning and maintenace, but enemies may break in and sabotage the owner's work.
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Six secret areas offer the chance to experience new stories linked to the chapter's over-arching plot and uncover valuable treasures.


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