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"Chapter 7: Awakening"
25th August 2015
The Jade Disc of He - an artefact purported to hold power over life and death - reappears, and the battle for its ownership draws in forces and factions throughout the jianghu. Notorious rogue Xing Junke duels with the leader of Blade Sharpening Hall for the disc, but matters go awry when The Ten Ultimates - powerful martial artists of a bygone era - come seeking the disc, and Worm King Elder Huadi unleashes an insect-borne plague in Luoyang.
The Eight Sects reveal their 5th internal skills to their loyal disciples. To learn them, xia must commit to new, rigourous training exercises and follow Xing Junke across the lands of the Ming Dynasty through heroism and heartbreak.
Faction disciples can now take their inner skills to higher levels, while all xia can obtain more potent chapters of martial skill sets for study.
The events surrounding the hunt for the Jade Disc of He offer new opportunities for player characters to become embroiled in the jianghu.
  • Battle infiltrators in the streets of Qiandeng Town to protect Xing Junke and his beloved Mo Wuqing from Elder Huadi and the forces of the Heavenly Robe Clan in the game's first solo forbidden area, the Qiandeng Crisis.
  • Cross swords with the Hell King to stop him seizing the Yang Talisman of Life - part of the Jade Disc - for himself on the Island of Delight.
  • Protect the Emperor and his family from an assassination plot and open rebellion in the imperial city, with a battle between the Ten Ultimates and the unseen hand of the Worm King adding to the Chaos in the Jinling Incident.
Other Changes
▪ Unlock Event
▪ 5th Inner Skills
▪ Skill Caps Increase
▪ Jinling Incident
▪ Qiandeng Crisis
▪ Island of Delight(Awakening)


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