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Arrays are a fascinating addition to combat in Age of Wulin. Essentially they represent the co-ordination and enhancement you can obtain by forming a more organised squad. All members in the Array need to know that particular array skill (though the do not need to know all of its sub skills) One person typically the group leader or a Raid assistant sets the array and other party members take up spots in the displayed diagram on the ground. If all qualify for the array being set then after a couple of seconds the array is set and all members with in it gain one or more enhancements to their combat abilities. Players not part of the array but standing within its area may also gain a smaller buff depending on what array is set.

If the array setting player is also a Chess Player then they can add a buff based upon their chess skills to any other that particular array offers. See: Chess Tactics

An array ends if:

  • The person setting it dies or dismisses it.
  • The "Array Key" (a second player that is not the setting one) Is killed or leaves its area for too many seconds.

Array Keys and Setters can be distinguished by a red bands around their feet that appear after the array is successfully set.

Types of array

There are several arrays available with different layers of complexity. During a new players introduction quest they will have been required to learn the Trinity Array, the most basic array in the game and the most widely used. It requires exactly three people to set. Later as a character progresses they will get an optional quest in Luoyang from Lady Shi (1077,749) that will reward them with the Vigour Return Array. This is an enhanced array with better inherent buffs that requires exactly six players to set and maintain.

Other arrays come from major Sects (Typically requiring 4 players to set) Or some (but not all) factions (3 man arrays usually). Additionally married couples that have achieved at least the second rank of their couple progression will have a unique two person array they can use with their spouse.

Certain World bosses or Random encounters can drop special arrays. In practice these are very rarely used as it is hard to acquire a team that is large enough to meet their set requirements of 8 or more players that have learned the array skill.

See the pages below for individual descriptions of arrays and their basic characteristics.

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