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Ever since his childhood, Chi You was fascinated by the mysteries surrounding one of life’s greatest forces: blood. In his pursuit of entangling its mysteries, he founded the Blood Sabre Clan, teaching his disciples the dark art of blood cultivation.

It was during the Song Dynasty when the Blood Sabre Clan first came to be noticed in the Jianghu; one exceptionally skilled disciple was favoured by General Yue Fei and became his chief executioner, allowing him to delve even deeper into the forbidden arts. When the General died, the disciple, now known as Blood Demon Cao, fled his court and brought his disciples to the Western Regions, where they have settled since.

Blood Sabre Clan disciples have an unquenched thirst for blood and carry around the Sabre Coffins. These allow them to harvest store the blood of their enemies and act as shield against the unleashed forces of the Blood Sabres. The Blood Sabre is the weapon of their choice; a vampiric Sabre that absorbs the blood of both the wielder and his victim.

Sect Position

Alliances: Royal Guard
Everyone needs an ally, even more if you are in exile. The Blood Sabre Clan has secret ties to the Royal Guards, conspiring together for their wicked plans. As they often work together, Royal Guard disciples are encouraged to practice Blood Sabre Clan skills and vice versa.

How to join

  • For Royal Guards Disciples: Accept the task, get a Recommendation Letter from Huangfu Yao and complete the Blood Sabre Clan test to join the Faction.
  • Other Disciples: Find the Mysterious Blood Sabre Recruiters outside the City Gate in Suzhou and obtain information regarding the Blood Sabre Clan. Follow the questline.
  • Random Encounter: You can join the Blood Sabre Clan via Random Encounter


Jianghu Requirements

  • Unlocking Event completed
  • A minimum of 1800 Infamy points
  • Killed more than 300 players
  • Not a kidnapper
  • You need to wait at least 24 hours after betraying the School

Character requirements

  • Royal Guard Disciple with the moral alignment sinister, lunatic, or evil
  • Factionless Vagrant with the moral alignment sinister or evil
  • You are not a Deacon, Elder or Headmaster of any School

Fighting Style

Combat Routines

Inner Skills

Sect Rules

Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”, which, when they reach a certain level, incur sect penalties.

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect’s scene, they will be punished immediately.


You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.

Sect Outfits

As they grow in strength and rank, players will be rewarded with sect outfits which are only available to members of the Blood Sabre Clan sect.