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The Taoist Wang Chongyang built an elaborate labyrinth as a refuge from war and a way to escape his enemies. As he continued his ascetic life, his shelter became an elaborate “Tomb of the Living” with a multitude of nooks and corners, hidden traps and spaces to provide for people and provisions. His life suddenly changed when he met his lover, the heroine Lin Chaoying and they enjoyed each other’s company for a while. Ultimately, Wang Chongyang found life with her to be unbearable and left, leaving the tomb to Lin as her home. Broken hearted over her lover’s departure, Lin Chaoying initially forbade men to join the sect but she soon reconsidered her decision.

Sect Position

Alliances: Wudang
As both sects are practising Taoists, it seemed only natural for them to be allies. Both schools are encouraged to learn from each other.

How to join

  • For Wudang Disciples: Accept the task, get a Recommendation Letter from the Immortal Ziyang and complete the Ancient Tomb Sect test to join the Clan.
  • Other Disciples: Visit the Taverns in Yanjing and find the Old Man. Follow the questline.
  • Random Encounter: You can join the Ancient Tomb Sect via Random Encounter.


Jianghu Requirements

  • Unlocking Event completed
  • A maximum of 2000 Infamy points
  • You must not have a bounty set on your head nor be a Constable
  • You must be sober
  • You are not kidnapping other players
  • You need to wait at least 24 hours after betraying your School

Character requirements

  • Wudang Disciple with the moral alignment sinister, lunatic or heroic
  • Factionless Vagrant with the moral alignment sinister or lunatic
  • If you are male, your character should not be castrated
  • You have never learned Sunflower Manual
  • You have learned at least 1 Yin and Soft Inner
  • You have learned at least 5 types of flying skills
  • Single, never been married
  • You don’t have any “Killer” titles
  • You are not a Deacon, Elder or Headmaster of any School

Fighting Style

Combat Routines

Inner Skills

Sect Rules

Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”, which, when they reach a certain level, incur sect penalties.

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect’s scene, they will be punished immediately.


You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.

Sect Outfits

As they grow in strength and rank, players will be rewarded with sect outfits which are only available to members of the Wudang sect.