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Release Name in Shop Skill Set Name Short Description PvE Rating PvP Rating Overall Popularity
Oct-16 Curled Branch Sword Technique Small Gift Box Curled Branch Sword
Oct-16 Ghost King Sting Small Gift Box Ghost King Sting
Martial Saint Small Gift Box Martial Saint Staff
Lotus-Breaking Small Gift Box Eight Lotus-Breaking Moves
Aug-15 Seven-Star Small Gift Box Constellation Sword
Aug-15 Cross Soul-Chasing Staff Small Gift Box Crossed Soul Chasing Staff
Jul-15 Yunxiao Sword Small Gift Box Skyward Sword
Jun-15 Heavenly Dance Small Gift Box Heavenly Dance
Jun-15 Buddha's Heart Small Gift Box Buddha's Heart Palm
Jun-15 Whirlwind of Fallen Leaves Brocade Box Whirlwind Leg Sweep
May-15 Hu Family Small Gift Box Hu Family Sword Technique Unique set that allows to switch nature of some of the skills - from overt to empty and vice versa.
May-15 Eight Trigrams Small Gift Box Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff
Apr-15 Drunken Dream Eight Immortals Box Eight Drunk Immortals
Apr-15 Sacred Wind Small Gift Box Divine Wind Script
Mar-15 Shura Sabre Secret Collection Box Shura Sabre
Jan-15 Yuanyang Gift Box Yuanyang Twin Blades
Dec-14 Mozi Gift Box Mozi Sword Technique Defensive sword set that allows to regenerate parry endurance.
Dec-14 Nine Palaces Gift Box Nine Palace Sword Technique One of the best mass PvP sets around ★☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
Jun-14 Iron Head Gift Box Iron Head Skill One of the best External PvP sets.
May-14 Nishang Gift Box Touch of Colours First internal set in Cash Shop, and first set to use 'counter parry' mechanics. ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Mar-14 Seeking Defeat Staff Secret Collection Box Seeking Defeat Staff
Feb-14 Wind and Thunder Gift Box Lightning Demon's Bane Staff
Jan-14 Martial Arts Gift Bag of Burning Yang Sabre Technique Burning Yang Sabre Technique
Dec-13 Ten Palms Subduing the Dragon Secret Collection Box (Novice) Ten Palms Subduing the Dragon Infamous 'slap' set.
Nov-13 Ensnare the Soul Drain Souls Qiduo First CS set ever introduced into the game.


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